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What We Do:

Gain Media provides a full suite of Internet marketing services for our clients. We offer enterprise grade expertise and technology with personalized service at unbeatable prices. Unlike other companies, we value every single relationship and look to help our clients succeed in any way we can. We stake our reputation on it.

Graphic Design

Weather you are looking to get a new identity for your business, banner ads to display online, advertising to help you spread your message offline, Gain Media has graphic artist to make your vision a reality.

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Website Development and Web Application Programming

Gain Media staff of web programmers can handle any task. Our staff will provide you with the same excellent service in developing a small business website or an enterprise web application.

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Domain Registration and Website Hosting

Domain names and website hosting are equivalent to real estate on the Internet. A good domain name for your website will make your more recognizable and easier to find. Quality web hosting will ensure that anyone in the world will always be able to reach you. Gain Media provides best in class domain registration and website hosting. We are always happy to assist you in finding the perfect domain name or moving your website over from a different web hosting provider.

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Search Engine Optimization

Increasingly, people are turning to search engines as a starting point to research purchases they are looking to make or as a resource for locating information they need. Our Search Engine Optimization services will ensure that your target audience is finding you instead of your competitors when they search.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing presents and additional avenue to generate leads for your business or to make consumers aware of your products and services. We will manage the entire process of achieving your objectives through the use of this medium as well as educating and guiding you throughout the process.

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Social Media Management

Websites and tools such as twitter and facebook are revolutionizing the way business and organizations interact with their consumers. Gain Media will ensure that you are not missing out on the opportunities that social networks may present for you.

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What We Use:


These front end web-building technologies make up the frame for the content, features, and design of your website.  Gain Media team leads the web development communities with its top quality standards such as using CSS table-less design, web 2.0 principles, and following the W3C guidelines and recommendations.


JavaScript is the universal client-side programming language which runs on all modern browsers. We have a very core-level approach to JavaScript, which not only helps us manipulate the language better but also makes it possible to have programmatic control over the JavaScript frameworks we use.


PHP/MySQL open-source nature, popularity and ease of development in the platform has lead to the development of hundreds of thousands of websites supporting serverside processes. PHP/MySQL have proven to be very efficient for managing relatively minor tasks on small-size websites to running immensely popular websites.


AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), is a group of inter-related web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. A primary characteristic is the increased responsiveness and interactivity of web pages achieved by exchanging small amounts of data with the server “behind the scenes” so that entire web pages do not have to be reloaded each time there is a need to fetch data from the server. This is intended to increase the web page’s interactivity, speed, functionality, and usability.

AJAX is asynchronous; in that extra data is requested from the server and loaded in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. JavaScript is the scripting language in which AJAX function calls are usually made. Data is retrieved using the XMLHttpRequest object that is available to scripting languages run in modern browsers, or alternatively Remote Scripting in browsers that do not support XMLHttpRequest.

AJAX is a cross-platform technique usable on many different operating systems, computer architectures, and web browsers as it is based on open standards such as JavaScript and the DOM.

Hosting Solutions

Gain Media’s hosting services are at the top of the market. Fast, efficient, and featuring a full range of top quality properties.

Open Source

Gain Media’s uses and contributes to a number of open source projects. We believe open source software development leads to more secure, reliable, and stable software at a lower total cost of development.